Friday, September 29, 2006

Meter in the Heat

Up till around 2 years ago parking in Dubai was free, but now parking meters have sprung up all over the place. I have never driven in Dubai, as it is far too scary. I think tailgating is one of the rules of the road. I have not seen any traffic wardens or indeed parking tickets on our visits. So maybe they are not taken too seriously.


  1. I wonder why the parking meter is so big. It is almost like an ATM. Perhaps you can pay by credit/debit cards.

    If you think it is scary to drive in Dubai, you may find it impossible to drive in India. I read in the newspaper about an executive from some European country (perhaps Germany) who had come to visit some plant here. He just could not stomach
    the ride because here vehicles dont follow rules very strictly and it is common to see vehicles approach each other on the highway (as in the game of "chicken" in the US). It is difficult to believe but he refused to be driven on the highway, called his company and had them arrange for a train ticket from the nearest station. Hopefully I can capture some interesting photos of these type of situations, but I don't know photography other than to point and click, so I am not sure if I can.

  2. He's correct. Driving in India can be crazy. Atleast in the Gulf we stick to our lanes.